Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
~ Mary Oliver

It’s a new year, a time where many people put pressure on themselves to make changes. But New Year’s Resolutions and unreasonable goals can often set you up for failure. 

Instead of resolutions, I recommend setting achievable goals and then planning out small, actionable steps to move toward those goals. Baby steps in the right direction help you celebrate small successes and keep you motivated. Joining a group that shares and supports your goals greatly improves your chances of success.

If your goals include improving your health and overall well-being, I invite you to reach out to chat about my Ayurvedic Wellness group starting up in February. We’ll be focusing on foundational habits to help you improve your overall health including sleep, nutrition, movement, mindset, and finding balance in your life, and working on making small, incremental changes to help you stay on track. Along with these habits, I’ll help you find the deep connection between your individual inner nature and the beauty of wild nature – learning how what’s happening outside throughout the seasons influences your physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s all so connected.

Over the course of ten months (February through November), you’ll be supported by me as well as the others who will be on this journey with you. The power of strong community will lift you out of your ruts and carry you through your low points, helping you to achieve your goals while building friendships and accountability along the way.

I’m offering two ways to participate – a group that meets weekly (combo of in-person and zoom meetings) and a monthly option (in-person). And by joining, you’ll be eligible for discounts on all of my other classes, workshops, and Ayurvedic Cleanses I offer throughout the year including yoga, mindfulness, and nature/forest walks.

If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out – you can click here to email me to set a time to chat soon. I’m limiting the size of this group to keep it intimate and comfortable, so let me know soon if you’re interested!
Much love,

Shannon Allstott
Ayurvedic Health & Wellness Counselor