Our Story

​Shannon Allstott and Jamye Richardson met in 2008 in Yoga teacher training. They were both massage therapists, and they quickly struck up a friendship. After a few years, Jamye moved her massage practice in with Shannon’s and they found they worked together well. Over the years they hired (and lost) a number of other massage therapists, trying to replicate the synergy they found together. They realized they needed to get clearer about their vision for the company and for what they were looking for in their team, so they developed a list of core values that embodied what they felt to be important in a compassionate business:

  • Grounding authenticity
  • Shining integrity
  • Intentional sustainability
  • Supportive philanthropy
  • Inclusive community building

They realized that their business name, Balance Bodywork, had run its course – it was becoming lost in a sea of other businesses capitalizing on “Balance”, and they were doing so much more than massage. And so, in 2018, they reached out to One Tribe Creative in hopes of finding a new name that would more fully represent the many facets of their business. Thus Taproot was born.

Today, Taproot Wellness and Bodywork houses our bodywork practice as well as providing space for acupuncture, yoga therapy, and workshops on Mindfulness, Ayurveda, and Viniyoga. Shannon and Jamye are working toward their certifications in Ayurveda as well, bringing even more offerings to our space.