Current pricing:

  • 30-minutes: $60
  • 60-minutes: $105
  • 75-minutes: $120
  • 90-minutes: $140
  • 2-hour:  $170


We offer you two ways to save;  a 3-pack series or the Taproot Wellness Membership.  With a series you save $5 off each session which may be used at your convenience.  See the buttons below for series pricing information.

Taproot’s Wellness Membership makes it easy for you to prioritize your self care.  Our monthly autopay service saves you $10 off each session.  Your member discount extends to any additional services you purchase including gift cards!  Members also save 10% on all Taproot retail.  There is no enrollment fee and you can cancel at any time after your initial 3-month period.  Contact Taproot to register or sign up at your next session6



Fort Collins