Shannon’s Ayurvedic Cleanses are simple, gentle, and designed to help you release toxins and leftover waste from your cells and digestive tract. 

This year she’s offering a 15-day program: 5 days to prepare, slow down, and gently ease in, 5 days of cleansing, and 5 days to ease out and focus on rejuvenation. With daily emails and live group coaching calls on Zoom, you’ll have the support you’ll need to move through this cleanse with grace.

Dates: Tuesday September 26 thru Tuesday October 10, 2023
Limited spots available.

Why do we cleanse?

How do I know if I need a cleanse?

How do I do all of this while still maintaining my busy life?


Click here to email Shannon for more information. She’s happy to communicate via email or set up a quick 15 minute phone chat to answer your questions!